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In the wake of ultra-nationalist attack on Communist leaders and activists during Indo-China border conflicts in the early 60’s and intense inner-party struggle against revisionist trends within the undivided Communist Party of India, an urgent need for publishing a weekly to uphold the tenets of Marxism-Leninism was felt. As “Swadhinata” the daily organ of the then Communist Party of India was controlled by the adherents to the principle of class-collaboration, revolutionary cadres inspired by leaders like Comrade Samar Mukherjee and Binoy Chowdhury took initiative to launch a new weekly that would expose the anti-people policies of the Congress Party at the
Center and the State and would play a decisive role to combat revisionist forces inside the party.

In those days a weekly called “Howrah Hitaishee” was already in circulation. This weekly emerged in a changed form as “Deshhitaishee” to wage ideological battle against revisionism, to rouse people against misrule of Congress Party, to mobilize public opinion against detention of political prisoners and worsening food crisis in West Bengal. It started its glorious journey on 16th August, 1963. Reputed journalist Comrade Mohit Maitra became the first editor of Deshhitaishee and Comrade Sudhangsu Dasgupta was entrusted with the overall responsibility of running the weekly.

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